Artavazhda, Iranian name, transcribed in Greek varyingly as Artabazos, Artabazes, Artavazde and Artavasdes, had several prominent carriers in antiquity.

  • Artabazos I of Phrygia
  • Artabazos II of Phrygia
  • Artavasdes I of Armenia (died 115 BC)
  • Artavasdes II of Armenia (died 31 BC), Ruler of Armenia, 53 BC to 34 BC.
  • Artavasdes III of Armenia son of Artavasdes II, an unsuccessful claimant to the Armenian throne
  • Artabazanes, i.e. Artavasdes I of Media
  • Artavasdes II of Media and Sophene
  • Artavasdes IV of Armenia; see Erato of Armenia
  • Artavazd VI of Armenia
  • Artabasdos (died 743), emperor of Constantinople

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Battle Of Carrhae - Build Up To War
... With the aid of Hellenic settlements in Syria and support of about 6,000 cavalry from Artavasdes, the Armenian king, Crassus marched on Parthia ... Artavasdes advised him to take a route through Armenia to avoid the desert and offered him reinforcements of 16,000 cavalry and 30,000 infantry ... Crassus then received a message from Artavasdes, claiming that the main Parthian army was in Armenia and begging him for help ...
Artaxiad Kings of Armenia
... Artaxias I (190 BC-159) Tigranes I (159 BC-123) Artavasdes I (123 BC-95) Tigranes II the Great (95 BC-55) Artavasdes II (55 BC-34) Artaxias II (33 BC-20 ...
List Of Armenian Kings - Greater Armenia - Artashesian (Artaxiad) Dynasty
... I (190 BC-159) Tigranes I (159 BC-123) Artavasdes I (123 BC-95) Tigranes II the Great (95 BC-55) Artavasdes II (55 BC-34) Artaxias II (33 BC-20) Tigranes III (20 BC-10) Tigranes IV (10 BC-5) Artavasdes III (5 BC-4 ...
Artavasdes I Of Armenia
... Artavasdes I of Armenia (also called Artavazd, Armenian Արտավազդ Առաջին) (reigned 160 BC – 115 BC) was the son of Artaxias I and Queen Satenik ... Artavasdes repelled several attempts by Parthians to invade Armenia but was eventually defeated by Mithridates, who annexed parts of Eastern Armenia and took his son ... According to Professor Cyril Toumanoff, Artavasdes I can be identified with the Armenian king who, according to the medieval Georgian annals, interfered in Iberia at the request of local ...
Artaxiad - Decline
... Tigranes' heir Artavasdes II maintained the alliance with Rome, giving helpful advice to the Roman general Crassus on his campaign against the Parthians - advice ... provinces, he began to suspect the loyalty of Artavasdes, who had married his sister to the heir to the Parthian throne ... In 35, Antony invaded Armenia and sent Artavasdes into captivity in Egypt, where he was later executed ...