Army Group North

Army Group North (German: 'Heeresgruppe Nord') was a German strategic echelon formation, commanding a grouping of field armies during World War II. The army group was subordinated to the Oberkommando des Heeres (OKH), the German army high command, and coordinated the operations of attached separate army corps, reserve formations, rear services and logistics.

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Leningrad–Novgorod Offensive - Preparations - German
... The situation of the German Army Group North at the end of 1943 had deteriorated to a critical point ... and three German divisions had been withdrawn by October, while the Army Group had acquired sixty miles of additional frontage from Army Group Center during the same period ... In such a weakened state, the Army Group staff planned a new position to its rear that would shorten the front lines by twenty-five percent and remove the Soviet threats posed in many ...
Soviet–German War - Conduct of Operations - January–March 1945
... three days, on a broad front incorporating four army fronts, the Red Army began an offensive across the Narew River and from Warsaw ... After four days the Red Army broke out and started moving thirty to forty kilometres a day, taking the Baltic states, Danzig, East Prussia, Poznań, and drawing up on a line ... During the full course of the Vistula–Oder operation (23 days), the Red Army forces sustained 194,191 total casualties (killed, wounded and missing) and lost 1,267 tanks and assault guns ...
Battle Of Raseiniai - Prelude
... Army Group North, commanded by Field Marshal Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb, and staging in East Prussia prior to the commencement of the offensive, was the northern of three Army Groups participating in the ... Army Group North controlled the 18th and 16th Armies, along with the 4th Panzer Group commanded by General Erich Hoepner ... control over the Baltic republics area where the Army Group North would be deployed was exercised by the Special Baltic Military District which after the invasion was renamed into the Northwestern ...
Army Group North - Campaign and Operation History - Campaign in West Prussia
12 March 1945 Walter Weiss Composition February 1945 Armee-Abteilung Samland 4th Army Soviet East Pomeranian Offensive Battle of Kolberg Courland Pocket On the 25 January 1945 Hitler renamed three army groups ... Army Group North became Army Group Courland, more appropriate as it had been isolated from Army Group Centre and was trapped in Courland, Latvia Army ...
German Order Of Battle For Operation Fall Weiss - Army Group North - 3rd Army
3rd Army was commanded by General of Artillery Georg von Küchler. 3rd Army Reserves 217th Infantry Division - Commanded by General Richard Baltzer ...

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