Armed Forces of The Netherlands - Unionized Military

Unionized Military

Unlike many military organizations, Dutch military members are allowed to form and join unions.

There are four of these unions:

  • Algemene Federatie van Militair Personeel (AFMP, General Federation of Military Personnel), which was recognized by the Dutch government in 1966. The AFMP is a member of the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (FNV).
  • Algemeen Christelijke Organisatie van Militairen (ACOM, General Christian Organisation for Military Personnel). The ACOM is a member of the Dutch Christian National Trade Union (CNV).
  • Federatie van Nederlandse Officieren en Middelbaar en Hoger Burgerpersoneel bij Defensie (FVNO/MHB, Federation of Dutch Officers and Middle- and Seniorlevel Civilian Personnel), which was recognized by the Dutch government in 2004. The FVNO/MHB is a member of the Dutch confederation of groups of middle and senior staffmembers.
  • Vakbond voor Defensiepersoneel VBM/NOV (VBM/NOV, Union for Defence Personnel).

All unions represent both current and retired military personnel and/or civilian personnel.

== Bthe election campaigns, the Rutte cabinet decided in 2011 to cut military spending by as much as 20%, bringing it to 0.9% GDP, or €7 billion.

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