Arizona Territory

The Arizona Territory was an organized territory of the United States that existed between 1863 and 1912, when the state of Arizona was admitted to the US. The territory was created after numerous debates about splitting the New Mexico Territory. During the American Civil War, the United States and the Confederate States had different motives for dividing the New Mexico Territory. Each claimed a territory named Arizona that was a portion of the former New Mexico Territory. The two Arizona territories played a significant role in the western campaign of the Civil War.

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Arizona Territory - History
... After the expansion of the New Mexico Territory in 1853 by the Gadsden Purchase, proposals for a division of the territory and the organization of a separate Territory of Arizona in the southern half of ... The first proposals for the Arizona Territory were not based on the current north-south division, but rather a division along an east-west line The proposals arose ... Congress, signed by 256 people, requesting organization of the territory and elected Nathan P ...
Charles Debrille Poston - Arizona Territory
... Poston in turn used this time to lobby both Lincoln and Congress for creation of an Arizona Territory, advertising the benefits of the area's mineral wealth to the ... selected as an Indian Agent for the new territory ... to create a US$1500 inkwell from Arizona silver and presented the inkwell to Lincoln upon signing of the Arizona Organic Act ...
List Of United States Political Families (B) - The Burbanks and Kibbeys
... Burbank (1827–1905), Governor of Dakota Territory 1869-1873 ... Kibbey (1853–1924), Justice of the Arizona Territory Supreme Court 1889, Arizona Territory Councilman 1902, Attorney General of Arizona Territory 1904, delegate ... Senate from Arizona 1916 ...
List Of United States Political Families (D) - The Duns, McCormicks, and Thurmans
... McCormick (1832–1901), Secretary of the Arizona Territory 1863–1866, Governor of the Arizona Territory 1866–1869, U.S ... Congressional Delegate from the Arizona Territory 1869–1875, U.S ...
Lewis Wolfley - Governorship
... on Wolfley's war record, his six years of living in the territory, and a reminder that the Republican platform called for territorial officials to be drawn from ... Wolfley over a surveying job the nominee had done for the Arizona cattleman ... on March 28 and was sworn in as Governor of Arizona Territory on April 8, 1889 ...

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