Arashi Discography - Music Videos

Music Videos

Year Song Director(s)
1999 "Arashi" Hideaki Takizawa (滝沢秀明, Takizawa Hideaki?)<
2000 "Sunrise Nippon" Kensuke Kawamura (川村 賢輔, Kawamura Kensuke?)
"Typhoon Generation" Tetsurō Takeuchi (竹内 鉄郎, Takeuchi Tetsurō?)
"Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi" Yō Ōhashi (大橋 陽, Ōhashi Yō?)
2001 "Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru"
2002 "A Day in Our Life" Kensuke Kawamura
"Nice na Kokoroiki" Kensuke Kawamura
"All or Nothing"
2003 "Tomadoi Nagara" Tetsuo Inoue (井上 哲央, Inoue Tetsuo?)
"Hadashi no Mirai"
"Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono" Tetsuya Satō (佐藤 徹也, Satō Tetsuya?)
2004 "Lucky Man"
"Pikanchi Double" Tetsuya Satō
"Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy" Akihisa Takagi
"Hero" Akihisa Takagi
2005 "Sakura Sake" Hideaki Sunaga (須永 秀明, Sunaga Hideaki?)
"Wish" Choku (直?)
2006 "Kitto Daijōbu" Yasuhiko Shimizu (清水 康彦, Shimizu Yasuhiko?)
"Aozora Pedal" Choku
2007 "Love So Sweet" Yasuyuki Yamaguchi (山口 保幸, Yamaguchi Yasuyuki?)
"We Can Make It!"
"Happiness" Choku
2008 "Step and Go"
"One Love" Hideaki Fukui (福居 英晃, Fukui Hideaki?)
Sorairo (ソライロ?)
"Kaze no Mukō e" Hideaki Sunaga
"Beautiful Days" Tarō Okagawa (岡川 太郎, Okagawa Tarō?)
2009 "Believe" Hideaki Sunaga
"Ashita no Kioku" Daisuke Shimada (島田 大介, Shimada Daisuke?)
"Crazy Moon (Kimi wa Muteki)" Hideaki Sunaga
"Everything" Choku
"My Girl" Yasuyuki Yamaguchi
2010 "Troublemaker"
"Monster" Hideaki Sunaga
"To Be Free" Tarō Okagawa
"Love Rainbow" Hideaki Sunaga
"Dear Snow" Choku
"Hatenai Sora" Yōki Watanabe
2011 "Lotus"
"Mada Minu Sekai He"
"Meikyū Love Song"
2012 "Wild at Heart"
"Face Down"
"Your Eyes"

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