Aqueous Phase

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Dense Non-aqueous Phase Liquid
... A dense non-aqueous phase liquid or DNAPL is a liquid that is both denser than water and is immiscible in or does not dissolve in water ... much more difficult to locate and remediate than non aqueous phase liquids that are lighter than water (LNAPLs) which tend to float at the water table when spilled into natural soils ...
Two-phase Liquid Extraction - Techniques - Ion Pair Extraction
... by the 'average' chemist is the use of a phase transfer catalyst ... species that transfers another ion to the organic phase ... and then forms another ion, which is then transferred back to the aqueous phase ...
Two-phase Liquid Extraction - References
... Aqueous Two-Phase Extractions in Bioseparations An Assessment ... A Low-Cost Aqueous Two Phase System for Enzyme Extraction ... Ionic Liquids for Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction and Stabilization of Enzymes ...

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