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The IQ Controversy, The Media And Public Policy (book) - Introduction
... now believed that it was impossible to define intelligence, that IQ or aptitude tests were outmoded and that environmentalism and hereditarianism ... the field believe it is impossible to adequately define intelligence, that intelligence tests do not measure anything that is relevant to life performance.. ... in Snyderman Rothman (1987) An analysis of all coverage of issues related to intelligence tests in major US print and television news sources (1969–1983) conducted by 9 trained graduate ...
Anne Anastasi - Interpretation of Test Scores
... Anastasi clarified differences between types of tests ... Two differences between aptitude tests and achievement tests are test use and the degree of experiential specificity forming the foundation of the tests’ construction ... Achievement tests are used to assess current status aptitude tests can predict future performance as defined by their specific criteria ...
Language-learning Aptitude - Aptitude Tests
... Aptitude Measurements Measurement Description Modern Language Aptitude Test mainly authored by John B ... institutions to select and place employees for language training Defense Language Aptitude Battery developed and used by the United States Department ... developed by Grigorenko, Sternberg, and Ehrman in 2000, using a new concept of language aptitude as a theoretical base ...
Types of Psychological Tests - Aptitude Tests
... Psychological tests to measure specific abilities, such as mechanical or clerical skills ... Sometimes these tests must be specially designed for a particular job, but there are also tests available that measure general clerical and mechanical aptitudes ... An example of Aptitude test is the Minnesota Clerical Test it is a 15-minutes individual or group test in two parts number comparison (matching 200 pairs of numbers) and name comparison ...

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