Approval may refer to:

  • Approval rating, a polling term which reflects the approval of a particular person or program
  • Approval voting, a voting system
  • Approval proofer, an output device used in Prepress proofing
  • Approved drug, formal government approval of a medication for sale

Other articles related to "approval":

Measure Of The National Assembly For Wales - How An Assembly Measure Was Made - Royal Approval
... Assembly Measures like all other types of legislation will have to be approved by a head of state, that head of state would be the Queen of the United Kingdom ... After the Assembly Measure is passed by the National Assembly for Wales the Measure will have to be taken to the Queen in Council who approves the Measure via an Order In Council ...
Certified Broadcast Meteorologist - Seal of Approval
... The AMS Seal of Approval program was established in 1957 as a means of recognizing television and radio weather forecasters who display informative, well-communicated, and ... The awarding of a Seal of Approval was based on a demonstration tape submitted by the applicant to six members of a review panel after paying an application fee ... a formal degree in meteorology was not a requirement to obtain the original Seal of Approval, either appropriate military training or the minimal requirements of undergraduate meteorology courses, including at least 20 ...
Seventeen Moments Of Spring - Production - Approval
... Another screening was held for Yuri Andropov ... The chairman made two requests to remove the names of the KGB consultants who were on active service from the credits and replace them with pseudonyms - Tzvigun, for example, became 'General S.K ...
Alogliptin - Market Access
... In September of 2008, the company also filed for approval in Japan, winning approval in April 2010 ... The first USFDA NDA failed to gain approval and was followed by a pair of NDAs (one for alogliptin and a second for a combination of alogliptin and pioglitazone) in July 2011 ...

Famous quotes containing the word approval:

    At the heart of the matter of masculine excess is a great longing for the love and approval of a father, a man who can tell another man that his masculinity is splendid enough and he can now relax.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)

    You know that your toddler needed love and approval but he often seemed not to care whether he got it or not and never seemed to know how to earn it. Your pre-school child is positively asking you to tell him what does and does not earn approval, so he is ready to learn any social refinement of being human which you will teach him....He knows now that he wants your love and he has learned how to ask for it.
    Penelope Leach (20th century)

    I am thankful to God for this approval of the people. But while deeply grateful for this mark of their confidence in me, if I know my heart, my gratitude is free from any taint of personal triumph. I do not impugn the motives of any one opposed to me. It is no pleasure to me to triumph over any one.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)