Apparent Wind

The apparent wind on-board is often quoted as a speed measured by a masthead transducer containing an anemometer and wind vane that measures wind speed in knots and wind direction in degrees relative to the heading of the boat. Modern instrumentation can calculate the true wind velocity when the apparent wind and boat velocity are input.

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... Apparent wind the kite's speed relative to the surrounding air ... When kitesurfing in a straight line, the kite's apparent wind is a combination of the wind speed and the speed of the kite and rider over the surface, but since the kite is highly steerable ... diving the kite, riding faster, or riding at a greater angle into the wind ...
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... performance being able to sail at 2.0 to 2.5 times the true wind speed ... a velocity made good upwind of over twice the wind speed and downwind of over 2.5 times the wind speed this means that downwind she was sailing at nearly four times the speed of ... She can apparently sail at 20 degrees off the apparent wind ...
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Famous quotes containing the words wind and/or apparent:

    How many things are now at loose ends! Who knows which way the wind will blow tomorrow?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    To understand
    The signs that stars compose, we need depend
    Only on stars that are entirely there
    And the apparent space between them. There
    Never need be lines between them, puzzling
    Our sense of what is what.
    John Hollander (b. 1929)