APM, apm, or Apm may refer to any of the following:

  • Actions per minute, a term used in real-time strategy games
  • Active Policy Management, a discipline within enterprise software
  • Advanced Power Management, a legacy technology in personal computers
  • Agencia Periodistica del Mercosur, a news agency for the Mercosur
  • Agile project management, a style of project management for agile software development projects
  • Anti-personnel mine, a type of explosive used against people
  • American Peace Mobilization, a communist front group active before the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II
    • American Peoples Mobilization, new name of American Peace Mobilization (same initials) after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union
  • American Poetry Museum, Washington D.C., USA
  • American Public Media, the production and distribution arm of Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)
  • Apm, a cacodemon in the Enochian language; see Enochian angels
  • apm, Hong Kong, a shopping centre and office tower in Kwun Tong, New Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Beijing apm, shopping center and office building in Beijing, China
  • APM Group, accredits project management professionals
  • Application Performance Management, a discipline within systems management
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Aspartame, an artificial, non-saccharide sweetener
  • Associated Production Music, a large production music company
  • Association for Project Management in the United Kingdom
  • Attached Pressurized Module, a former name of the Columbus module of the International Space Station
  • Australian Police Medal, awarded for distinguished service by a member of an Australian police force.
  • Automatic people mover, a driverless train often used in large airports
  • Apple Partition Map, is a partition scheme for Mac OS
  • Assistant Provost Marshal, a military rank
  • Advanced Progressive Matrices, a subset of Raven's Progressive Matrices which is an intelligence test
  • "Ass Pussy Mouth", a song by rap artist YTCracker.

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