Apian or Apianus may refer to:

  • 19139 Apian, asteroid named after Peter Apian
  • Apianus (crater), (26° 9' S and 7° 9' E) on the Moon named after Peter Apian


  • Apian or Aphian, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox saint
  • Peter Apian or Petrus Apianus, as well as Peter Bienewitz or Bennewitz, (1495-1552), German humanist
  • Georg Apian or Georg Apianus as well as Georg Bienewitz or Bennewitz, German 16th century printer and publisher (brother of Peter Apian)
  • Philipp Apian, also Philipp Apianus, (1531-1589), German mathematician, physician and cartographer (son of Peter, brother of Timotheus Apian)
  • Timotheus Apian, (?-1562), German land surveyor (son of Peter, brother of Philipp Apian)
  • Paul Otto Apian-Bennewitz, (1847-1892), organist and teacher, founder of the Museum of Musical Instruments in Markneukirchen


  • Apian-Gymnasium Ingolstadt, secondary school in Ingolstadt, Germany, named after Peter and Philipp Apian
  • Peter-Apian-Mittelschule Leisnig, middle school in Leisnig, Germany, named after Peter Apian
  • Apian-Bennewitz-Straße, street in Markneukirchen, Germany, named after Paul Otto Apian-Bennewitz
  • Peter-Apian-Platz, town square in Leisnig, Germany, named after Peter Apian
  • Apianborn, spring in Leisnig, Germany, named after Peter Apian
  • Apianstraße, streets in Munich, in Unterföhring, in Rosenheim, in Ingolstadt, in Landshut and in Ittelhofen, Germany

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Apian-Gymnasium Ingolstadt
... The Apian-Gymnasium Ingolstadt is a Gymnasium (high school) in Ingolstadt, Bavaria established in 1971 ... It was named after Peter Apian (1495–1552) and his son Philipp Apian ... Peter Apian was a mathematician at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria's oldest university (which was later moved to Munich) ...
Philipp Apian - Cartography
... In 1554, Duke Albrecht of Bavaria orders Apian to create a map of Bavaria for the Bairische Chronik of Johannes Aventinus written 1526 to 1533 ... In seven years, Apian travelled through Oberbayern and Niederbayern, Oberpfalz, Archbishopric Salzburg and Bishopric Eichstätt ... based on the map were ordered by Philipp Apian in 1566 from Jost Amman as 24 tables of scale 1144.000 anfertigen ...