ANZAC Mounted Division

The Anzac Mounted Division (officially known as the Australian and New Zealand Mounted Division) was a mounted infantry division formed in March 1916 in Egypt during World War I following the Battle of Gallipoli when the Australian and New Zealand regiments returned from fighting in a dismounted role. For the remainder of the war it served in the Middle East, in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign. Commanded by Major General Sir Harry Chauvel from March 1916 to 1917 when Major General Edward Chaytor took command for the remainder of the war.

The title Anzac indicated its composite Australian and New Zealand units and as such was possibly the first official use of this term for this purpose, rather than as a designation for an army corps.

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Military History Of Australia During World War I - Egypt and Palestine - Fighting Around Gaza, 1917
... In early 1917, the Imperial Mounted Division was formed from the 3rd and 4th Light Horse Brigades and two British mounted brigades ... The division first saw service during the First Battle of Gaza, which occurred in southern Gaza on 26 March 1917 ... At around noon two mounted brigades of the Anzac Mounted Division attacked Gaza from the north and east ...
ANZAC Mounted Division - Order of Battle September 1918
... Ryrie) 5th, 6th and 7th Light Horse Regiments New Zealand Mounted Rifle Brigade (Brigadier General W ... Meldrum) Auckland, Canterbury and Wellington Mounted Rifle Regiments 18th Brigade RHA (Inverness, Ayrshire and Somerset Batteries) and Divisional Ammunition Column A/263 ...
First Battle Of Gaza - Battle - Mounted Division Ordered To Assist Attack On Gaza
... About 1330 the Imperial Mounted Division was established north of the Gaza to Beersheba road near Kh er Reseim with the 5th Mounted Yeomanry Brigade on their right ... Three minutes later, Chetwode ordered both mounted divisions to supply one brigade each to reconnoitre towards Gaza to assist the infantry attack. 1400 Lieutenant General Chetwode placed Chauvel in command of both mounted divisions for the remainder of the operations, and ordered the whole of the Anzac Mounted Division to attack Gaza from ...
Military History Of Australia During World War I - Egypt and Palestine - Battle of Magdhaba
... Following the victory at Romani the Anzac Mounted Division pushed the German and Ottoman Army back across the Sinai Peninsula. 1916 towards the Egyptian–Ottoman Empire frontier, the day after being attacked by the Anzac Mounted Division ... On 21 December after a night march of 30 miles (48 km) the Anzac Mounted Division commanded by Chauvel entered El Arish, which had been abandoned by the German and ...

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