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  • The song "Get Your Gunn" from Marilyn Manson's 1994 album Portrait of an American Family is about the killing of David Gunn.
  • The song "Hello Birmingham" from the 1999 album To the Teeth by Ani DiFranco was written in response to the bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, as well as the murder of Dr. Slepian in Amherst, New York (near DiFranco's hometown of Buffalo).
  • The song "F.D.K. (Fearless Doctor Killers)" from Mudhoney's 1995 album My Brother the Cow tells a story about a Baptist minister rapist who refuses to pay for an abortion but will not support the child after it is born. It includes the repeated refrain, "Save the baby/Kill the doctor".
  • The song "I Need a Grip" by Maggie Estep on her No More Mr. Nice Girl album is a response to anti-abortion violence.
  • The song "The Army of God" by hardcore punk band Behind Enemy Lines on their album "The Global Cannibal" deals with the acts of terrorism and murder performed on abortion clinics and their staff.
  • The song "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good" by Contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter Steve Taylor.

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