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Sale Of The Century (U.S. Game Show) - Game Format - Fame Game
... If one of the contestants buzzed in and answered correctly, he/she played the second half of the round if not, that contestant was eliminated from the round and play continued until one ... The contestant who answered correctly was given a choice of nine spaces on the Fame Game board, each displaying the face of a celebrity ...
A Question Of Genius - Final Round: A Question of Genius - Series 1
... contestant has 90 seconds to answer 5 questions correctly ... The question difficulty goes up one level each time a question is answered correctly ... If they answer correctly, they move to the next level ...
National Assessment & Testing - Ciphering Time Trials
3 points are awarded if one out of the three problems is answered correctly, 7 points if two out of three are answered correctly, and 10 points if all three problems are ...
In It To Win It - Format
... £5,000 is added to the prize fund if a question is answered correctly ... a non-multiple choice question correctly ... If they fail to answer correctly they go back to the beginning row of contestants ...
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?/Comments - Gameplay
... The contestant is not guaranteed any winnings until after the fifth question is answered correctly, at which point $25,000 is guaranteed ... Only two contestants have attempted to answer the final question and done so correctly Kathy Cox, the Superintendent of Schools for the State of Georgia, was the first person to have ... element is represented by the letter K in the periodic table?" Simmons said that he would have answered krypton, but the correct answer is actually ...

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    The Republican Party does not perceive how many his failure will make to vote more correctly than they would have them. They have counted the votes of Pennsylvania & Co., but they have not correctly counted Captain Brown’s vote. He has taken the wind out of their sails,—the little wind they had,—and they may as well lie to and repair.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    “Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing,” answered Holmes thoughtfully. “It may seem to point very straight to one thing, but if you shift your own point of view a little, you may find it pointing in an equally uncompromising manner to something entirely different.”
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859–1930)