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MSN Qn A - Levels, Scoring and Reputation System
... Users are given four days to answer a question ... Questions can be rated for their usefulness once a best answer has been selected ... to encourage users to participate and answer questions ...
Milijonar Z Jonasom - Gameplay Rules - Lifelines
... If at any point the contestant is unsure of the answer to a question, he or she can use one or more "lifelines" which provide some form of assistance ... a lifeline, the contestant can either answer the question, use another lifeline, or walk away and keep the money (although using the Double Dip lifeline removes this final option) ... With the exception of the 2010 Jump the Question lifeline, each lifeline can only be used once ...
Confidence-based Learning - History - Research Into Confidence and Knowledge
... His process involved a two-step approach – (1) answer the question (objective measurement of correctness), and then state your confidence in your answer (subjective confidence statement) ... material is systematically related to "how sure" people are about the correctness of their answers when they learn it ... University of Belgium LeClerq focused on item bank testing - the process of using a pool of questions, from which questions are drawn and randomly delivered to ...

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    Zorba: Why do the young die? Why does anybody die?
    Basil: I don’t know.
    Zorba: What’s the use of all your damn books? If they don’t tell you that, what the hell do they tell you?
    Basil: They tell me about the agony of men who can’t answer questions like yours.
    I spit on their agony.
    Michael Cacoyannis (b. 1922)

    How we shall earn our bread is a grave question; yet it is a sweet and inviting question. Let us not shirk it, as is usually done. It is the most important and practical question which is put to man. Let us not answer it hastily. Let us not be content to get our bread in some gross, careless, and hasty manner. Some men go a-hunting, some a-fishing, some a-gaming, some to war; but none have so pleasant a time as they who in earnest seek to earn their bread.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Opportunity knocks, but doesn’t always answer to its name.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)