Ans is a Belgian municipality in the province of Liège.

As an acronym ANS may refer to:

  • ANS (album), a box set from the British band Coil
  • ANS (single), a single by the British band Coil
  • ANS synthesizer, a Russian photoelectric musical instrument
  • A.N.S, an American crossover thrash band.
  • The station code of Ainsdale railway station in England
  • The IATA airport code of Andahuaylas Airport in Peru
  • Algemeen Nijmeegs Studentenblad, a Dutch student magazine
  • ANS Group of Companies, a news organization in Azerbaijan
Science and technology
  • Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, USA
  • American National Standards, defined by the American National Standards Institute
  • Advanced Network and Services, a non-profit network service provider in the 1990s
  • American Nuclear Society
  • 8-Anilinonaphthalene-1-sulfonate, a chemical compound
  • Anthocyanidin synthase, an enzyme in the leucocyanidin biosynthetis pathway
  • Approximate number system, a hypothesized physiological basis for the sense of number
  • Astronomical Netherlands Satellite, a Dutch X-ray satellite
  • Authoritative Name Server, a DNS server
  • Autonomic nervous system, part of the peripheral nervous system in the body
  • ANS carriage control characters (or ASA control characters), for computer line printers
Other uses
  • American Numismatic Society
  • Amman National School, in Amman, Jordan
  • Anna Nicole Smith, a dead American sex symbol
  • Ansvarlig selskap, a Norwegian personal responsibility company model
  • Armée Nationale Sihanoukiste, a Cambodian resistance group
  • The ANS key on some graphing calculators, used as a shortcut for inputting the result (answer) of the previous calculation
  • In MATLAB the ans variable is created automatically when no output argument is specified, and it refers to the most recent answer.

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