Angular Measurement

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Celestial Navigation - Angular Measurement
... Accurate angle measurement evolved over the years ... The need for more accurate measurements led to the development of a number of increasingly accurate instruments, including the kamal, astrolabe, octant and sextant ...
Betelgeuse - Visibility - Diameter
... stellar disk was likely 17% larger due to the limb darkening—hence an angular diameter of about 0.055" ... studies conducted, which have produced angular diameters that range from 0.042 to 0.069 arcseconds ... it difficult to define the photosphere of the star Measurements can be taken at varying wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum and the difference in reported diameters can be ...
Pulse-Doppler Radar - Special Consideration - Angular Measurement
... Radar systems require angular measurement ... Tracking radar systems use angle error to improve accuracy by producing measurements perpendicular to the radar antenna beam ... Angular measurements are averaged over a span of time and combined with radial movement to develop information suitable to predict target position for a short time into the ...

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