Angle Bisectors

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Malfatti Circles - Steiner's Construction
... tangent to two sides of a triangle, as the Malfatti circles are, must be centered on one of the angle bisectors of the triangle (green in the figure) ... These bisectors partition the triangle into three smaller triangles, and Steiner's construction of the Malfatti circles begins by drawing a different triple of circles (shown dashed in the figure) inscribed ... circles and pass between them one bitangent is the angle bisector, and the second bitangent is shown as the red dashed line in the figure ...
Minkowski Diagram - Constancy of The Speed of Light
... with tilted axes follows that the two world lines are the angle bisectors of the x- and ct-axis ... The Minkowski diagram shows, that they are angle bisectors of the x'- and ct'-axis as well ... For all these systems both photon world lines represent the angle bisectors of the axes ...

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