Anga Kingdom

Anga was a kingdom ruled by non-Vedic rulers. Anga king Romapada was a friend of Kosala king Dasaratha. Kosala Princess Santha, elder to Raghava Rama, lived as the daughter of Romapada, since he was childless. Duryodhana established Karna as the ruler of Angas. It is believed that there were many Anga kings who ruled different parts of Anga kingdom, contemporary to Karna. Champapuri was the capital of Anga ruled by Karna. Magadha (south-west Bihar) king Jarasandha gifted another city called Malinipuri, to the Anga king Karna. The founders of five eastern kingdoms, which included: - Angas (eastern Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, India and Tarai Area of Nepal), Vangas (southern West Bengal and Bangladesh), Kalingas (coastal Orissa), Pundras (northern Bangladesh and West Bengal, India) and Suhmas (north-western Bangladesh and West Bengal, India) shared a common ancestry.

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Anga Kingdom - References in Mahabharata - Other Anga Kings
... Sudeva, daughter of an Anga king, was married to a king Arihan in the line of Puru (1,95) An Agna king is said to attend the court of Yama. 2,8) An Anga king is described as fond of sacrifices (7,55) An Anga king is described as the son of Manu(13,147) In days of yore, the earth, indulging in a spirit of rivalry with one king of the. 13,153) A ruler of the name of Anga desired to give away the whole earth as sacrificial present unto the Brahmanas (13,154) An Anga is mentioned in connection with the ...

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