Anandashram Swami

Anandashram Swami

Swami Ānandāshram (Devanagari: आनंदाश्रम्, Ā.nan.dā.śram) was the ninth guru and the Head of the community of the Chitrapur Saraswats. He succeeded his guru Swami Pandurangashram in 1915. He remained the Head of the community for a period of 51 years until he died in 1966.

Swami Ānandāshram had to work on his own to attain mastery over the Sanskrit scriptures, as he had been initiated just 9 days after his ordination as a shishya(disciple). Thus he had no time to learn under the tutelage of a guru. His learning was taken care of mostly by the priests of Chitrapur Math along with special tutors.

His regime was characterised by progress and prosperity of the community after initial periods of financial instability. Swami Ānandāshram regularly visited the various centres of the community all over the country without restricting himself to the Kanara districts. Under his regime the strict social norms enforced by his predecessor, Swami Pāndurangāshram were made more lenient.

He died in 1966 and was succeeded by his shishya(Disciple) Swami Parijñānāshram III. His samādhi (shrine) is located at Shirali within the premises of the Chitrapur Math.

(NOTE: Henceforth in this article, Swamiji will refer to Swami Ānandāshram)

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