Amla may refer to:

  • Indian gooseberry, called Amla in Hindi. Amla is the size of a lemon, spherical, bitter and yellow-green.
  • Hashim Amla, a South African cricketer of Indian descent
  • Ahmed Amla, a South African cricketer and brother of Hashim
  • Amla, Madhya Pradesh, a town in Madhya Pradesh, India

Other articles related to "amla":

Cerball Mac Dúnlainge - Amlaíb and Ímar
... with two Norse or Norse-Gael "kings", Amlaíb Conung, "son of the king of Lochlann", and Ímar, called "king of the Norsemen of all Ireland and Britain ... mar is sometimes assumed to be the same person as Ivar the Boneless and Amlaíb to be Olaf the White, respectively son and grandson of the legendary Swedish ... The following year, together with Amlaíb Conung, they raided Máel Sechnaill's lands in Mide, but soon afterwards Cerball was compelled to submit again to Máel Sechnaill ...
Anwyl Of Tywyn Family - Foreign Royal Ancestry
... father Gruffydd ap Cynan the Anwyl of Tywyn family are descendants of Amlaíb mac Sitriuc and his father Sigtrygg Silkbeard, King of Dublin, of the famous Uí Ímair or ... Amlaíb's maternal grandfather was the mighty Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, and his paternal grandmother Gormflaith ingen Murchada, wife of Amlaíb Cuaran, King of York and King of Dublin ...
... reliability, Auisle was a younger brother of Amlaíb and Ímar ... evidence of the Irish annals associates Auisle, Amlaíb and Ímar ... Auisle is first noticed in the Irish annals in 863 when, along with Amlaíb and Ímar, he led an army to plunder the pre-historic tombs of Brú na Bóinne ...
Blácaire Mac Gofrith
... According to the Annals of Clonmacnoise, Blácaire came to rule Dublin when his cousin Amlaíb Cuarán went to Northumbria to assist Blácaire's brother Amlaíb mac Gofrith ... Amlaíb mac Gofrith died the following year and Amlaíb Cuarán became the next king of York, Blácaire remaining in Ireland ... In the same year Amlaíb Cuarán and Blácaire's brother Ragnall were driven out of York ...
Amla, Madhya Pradesh - Demographics
... As of 2001 India census, Amla had a population of 29,553 ... Amla has an average literacy rate of 76.65%, 11.81% higher than the national average of 64.84% according to the 2001 census ...