American Standard Version

The Revised Version, Standard American Edition of the Bible, more commonly known as the American Standard Version (ASV), is a version of the Bible that was released in 1901. It was originally best known by its full name, but soon came to have other names, such as the American Revised Version, the American Standard Revision, the American Standard Revised Bible, and the American Standard Edition. By the time its copyright was renewed in 1929, it had come to be known by its present name, the American Standard Version. Because of its prominence in seminaries, it was in America sometimes simply called the "Standard Bible".

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... The Douay Version of 1609 renders the phrase in Exodus 63 as "and my name Adonai", and in its footnote says "Adonai is not the name here vttered to Moyses but is redde in place of ... traditionally" transliterated as Jehovah The Revised Standard Version (1952), an authorized revision of the American Standard Version of 1901, replaced all 6,823 usages of ... The New American Bible (1970, revised 1986, 1991) ...
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