Alveolar Gas Equation - Equation


If FIO2 is small then

In which case the equation can be simplified to:

Quantity Description Sample value
pAO2 The alveolar partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) 107 mmHg (14.2 kPa)
FIO2 The fraction of inspired gas that is oxygen (expressed as a decimal). 0.21
PATM The prevailing atmospheric pressure 760 mmHg (101 kPa)
pH2O The saturated vapour pressure of water at body temperature and the prevailing atmospheric pressure 47 mmHg (6.25 kPa)
paCO2 The arterial partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) 36 mmHg (4.79 kPa)
RQ (RER) The respiratory quotient (Respiratory Exchange Ratio) 0.8

Sample Values given for air at sea level at 37°C.

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