Alpha Lanterns

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Boodikka - Fictional Character Biography - Reign of Doomsday
... survey the ruins as a follow-up to the initial Green Lantern Corps inspection of the planet that took place during the World of New Krypton storyline ... With Starman and Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps serving as a distraction, Batman and Supergirl are able to get the injured Boodikka to the JLA Watchtower ... Following the War of the Green Lanterns storyline, Boodikka and the Alpha Lanterns were killed by Alpha Lantern Varix that Alpha Lanterns were being ...
Hank Henshaw - Fictional Character Biography - Death and Retrieved
... Day crossover, Henshaw would eventually return and work with the Alpha Lanterns as they attempted to augment every Green Lantern, including Ganthet, into an Alpha ... By threatening to make the Alpha Lanterns kill themselves if Ganthet does not cooperate, Henshaw forces Ganthet to work on reversing the augments that turned the Green Lanterns into Alpha Lanterns, hoping that he ... his nearly-indestructible body by the combined full powered blasts of several Lanterns and Ganthet, and appeared on the mental plane of Alpha-Lantern Boodikka in an attempt to take her bio-mechanical body ...

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