Ali Pasha

Ali Pasha

Ali Pasha of Tepelena or of Yannina, surnamed Aslan, "the Lion", or the "Lion of Yannina", (1740 - 24 January 1822) was an Ottoman Albanian ruler (pasha) of the western part of Rumelia, the Ottoman Empire's European territory which was also called Pashalik of Yanina. His court was in Ioannina. Ali had three sons: Ahmet Muhtar Pasha (served in the 1809 war against the Russians), Veli Pasha of Morea and Salih Pasha of Vlore. Ali Pasha of Tepelena died fighting on February 5, 1822 at the age of 81 or 82.

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Souliotes - History - Participation in The Greek War of Independence
... there were clear signs for the beginning of a Greek insurrection against Ottoman rule, Ali Pasha saw an opportunity to make Epirus into an independent state ... On December 4, 1820, Ali Pasha and the Souliotes formed an anti-Ottoman coalition, in which the Souliotes contributed 3,000 soldiers ... Ali Pasha gained the support of Souliotes mainly because he offered to allow the return of the Souliotes in their land and partially because of Ali's appeal based on shared Albanian origin ...
Albanian Pashaliks - Pashalik of Janina
... entity under the Ottoman Empire, created by Ali Pasha, an Albanian leader of Southern Ottoman Albania, encompassing areas of modern northern Greece and southern ... In 1787 Ali Pasha was awarded the pashaluk of Trikala in reward for his support for the sultan's war against Austria ... Ali's policy as ruler of Ioánnina was governed by little more than simple expediency he operated as a semi-independent despot and allied himself with whoever offered the most advantage at the time ...
Ali Pasha in Literature
... In early 19th century, Ali's personal balladeer, Haxhi Shekreti, composed the poem Alipashiad ... Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, père, Ali Pasha's downfall was brought about by the treachery of Fernand Mondego, an officer in the French Army ... Not knowing of the betrayal, Pasha entrusted his wife and daughter to Mondego for safekeeping but he sold them into slavery ...
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... (Greek Κοινόν Ζαγορισίων) formed after a treaty with Sinan-Pasha in 1431 ... of the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi, according to Frangoulis dated to 1688, by one named Ali Chogmeno at the head of 166 men ... Zagori, under their captain Douvlis and dispersed the bandits after killing Ali Chogmeno ...
Manthos Oikonomou
... Οικονόμου, 1754–1822) was a Greek scholar, chancellor and advisor of Ali Pasha in Ioannina ... being honest, hard-working, highly educated, was engaged in Ali’ s court, and soon he managed to become his trustworthy advisor ... indifferent towards the brutalities, committed by Ali’s men against his orthodox fellows ...

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