Alfa may refer to:

  • A grass also called esparto.
  • Alfa Numeric, a Nicaragua company
  • ALFA (rowing), an international indoor rowing competition in Estonia
  • Alfa (Lebanon), a Lebanese telecom company
  • ALFA (Mexico), a Mexican industrial conglomerate
  • Alfa (title), a title in Guinea
  • Alfa (rocket), the designation of an Italian program for the development of efficient solid-propellant rockets
  • Alfa Aesar, a Chemical catalogue company owned by Johnson Matthey, who originally traded elements under the Alfa label.
  • Alfa-Bank, the Alfa Group corporate treasury, the largest private commercial bank in Russia
  • Alfa Brewery, a family owned independent brewery located in the Netherlands.
  • Alfa Cable Television, a cable television company in Tirana, Albania
  • Alfa Group Consortium, one of Russia's largest privately owned financial-industrial conglomerates
  • Alfa class submarine, NATO reporting name for Soviet Union/Russian Navy Project 705 submarine class of hunter/killer nuclear powered vessels
  • Alfa Laval AB, a Swedish company,
  • Alfa Matrix, a Belgian record label.
  • Alfa Pendular, the pendolino high-speed train of Portuguese state railway company CP
  • Alfa Retailindo, a retail company from Indonesia, partially owned by Carrefour
  • Alfa Romeo, an Italian automobile manufacturer
  • Alfa TV, a premium television service available in Cyprus
  • Flugschule Wings Alfa, a hang glider
  • Isaac Alfa, a retired Nigerian Air Force officer
  • The usual spelling for the code word for the letter "A" in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

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  • Alpha
  • Alfalfa

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