Alexander III

Alexander III may refer to:

  • Alexander III of Macedon (356 BC–323 BC), also known as Alexander the Great
  • Alexander (emperor), Byzantine Emperor (912–913)
  • Pope Alexander III, pope from 1159 to 1181
  • Alexander III of Scotland (1241–1286), king of Scotland
  • Alexander III of Imereti (1609–1660), king of Imereti
  • Alexander III of Russia (1845–1894), emperor of Russia
    • Pont Alexandre III, an arch bridge that spans the Seine
    • Russian battleship Imperator Aleksander III Russian warship

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Papal Election, 1198 - Absentees
... von Wittelsbach Bishop of Sabina and Archbishop of Mainz December 18, 1165 Alexander III Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals papal legate in the Holy Land external cardinal Guillaume aux ... Sabina and Archbishop of Reims March 1179 Alexander III Protopriest Minister of State of the Kingdom of France external cardinal Ruggiero di San Severino Priest of S ... Eusebio and Archbishop of Benevento Circa 1178-1180 Alexander III External cardinal Pandolfo Masca Priest of SS ...
Papal Election, December 1187 - List of Participants
... Bishop of Palestrina September 21, 1179 Alexander III Archpriest of the patriarchal Liberian Basilica elected Pope Clement III Thibaud, O.S.B.Cluny ... Maria in Trastevere September 1173 Alexander III Melior le Maitre, O.S.B.Vall ... Giovanni e Paolo March 16, 1185 Lucius III Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church Giacinto Bobone Orsini Rome Deacon of S ...
Alexander Og Mac Donald, Lord Of Islay - Family and Background
... c.1293), Alexander Og MacDonald was likely born during the reign of, and thus named after, Alexander III, King of Scots (d ... Alexander Og MacDonald's byname (Og) was likely used to differentiate him from his elder namesake-uncle, Alexander Mor MacDonald ... During Alexander III's reign, the MacDonalds were one of the most powerful kindreds on the western seaboard of Scotland ...
Scottish–Norwegian War - The War (1262–1263)
... Alexander III stalled during the negotiations until the autumn storms, but Haakon realized his plan and attacked ahead of schedule ... as they landed on the beaches, but they pressed forward and Alexander III’s forces charged forward, throughout the day the battle continued and because of the continuous assault ... and Haakon asked for a temporary truce to collect the dead, Alexander agreed ...
Alexander III Portraits (Fabergé Egg)
... The Alexander III Portraits egg is a jewelled Easter egg made under the supervision of the Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé in 1896, for Nicholas II of Russia ... The egg is one of four commemorating Alexander III the other three are the missing Empire Nephrite (1902) and Alexander III Commemorative (1909) eggs ...

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