Alcmaeon, Alkmaion, Alcmeon, or Alkmaon may refer to:

  • Alcmaeon, the great-grandson of Nestor, from whom the Alcmaeonidae claimed descent.
  • Alcmaeon (mythology), one of the Epigoni
  • Alcmaeon in Corinth, a lost play by Euripides
  • Alcmaeon (King of Athens), the last king of Athens
  • Alcmaeon, son of Megacles, 6th century BC commander during the Cirrhaean War
  • Alcmaeon of Croton (mid-fifth century B.C.), an Ancient Greek philosopher and medical theorist

Other articles related to "alcmaeon":

Alcmaeon, Son Of Megacles
... Alcmaeon (Gr ... Alcmaeon took the king at his word by putting on a most capacious dress, the folds of which (as well as the vacant space of a pair of very wide boots, also provided ... Alcmaeon was a breeder of horses for chariot races, and on one occasion gained the prize in a chariot-race at Olympia ...
Psophis - City Name and Mythology
... city, while still called "Phegia", was celebrated as the residence of Alcmaeon, who fled here from Argos after murdering his mother ... Here Alcmaeon married Arsinoe (named Alphesiboea in some versions), daughter of Phegeus ... In consequence of their connection with Alcmaeon, the Psophidians took part in the second expedition against Thebes, and refused to join the other Greeks in the Trojan War ...
Amphilochus (son Of Alcmaeon)
... to Euripides by the Bibliotheca, Amphilochus is the son of Alcmaeon, one of the Epigoni, and Manto, the daughter of the Theban seer Teiresias ... is sent to Delphi and then to Caria, and Alcmaeon entrusts young Amphilochus and his sister, Tisiphone, to king Creon of Corinth to be raised, but the queen of Corinth sells Tisiphone ... Alcmaeon eventually recovers his children (the story is told in Alcmaeon in Corinth a lost play by Euripides) ...
Amphilochus (brother Of Alcmaeon)
... Amphiaraus and Eriphyle and the brother of Alcmaeon ... Amphiaraus reluctantly agreed to join the fatal battle and asked his sons, Alcmaeon and Amphilochus, to avenge his foreseen death ... Alcmaeon killed his mother and exiled himself ...
Alcmaeonidae - Family Tree
... Males are in blue, females in red, and those related by marriage in white Alcmaeon Megacles (6th perpetual archon) Alcmaeon (King of Athens) (died 753 BC) Megacles (7th century BC) Alcmaeon ...