Albano may refer to:


  • Albano (footballer) (1922-1990), Albano Narciso Pereira, Portuguese footballer
  • Albano Bizzarri (born 1977), Argentine footballer
  • Albano Carrisi, Italian singer with the stage name Albano or Al Bano
  • Albano Harguindeguy (born 1927), Argentine army general and Interior Minister
  • Albano Pera (born 1950), Italian sports shooter
  • Albanus Albano, a pen name of Pashko Vasa (1825-1892), Albanian writer and poet and Governor General of Lebanon
  • Elías Fernández y Albano (1845-1910), Chilean politician, briefly acting president of Chile
  • Francesco Albani or Albano (1578-1660), Italian Baroque painter
  • Lou Albano (1933-2009), professional wrestler
  • Nelson Albano (born 1954), American politician
  • Pablo Albano (born 1967), Argentine retired tennis player


  • Albano (river), in Lombardy, Italy
  • Lake Albano, Italy

Other uses:

  • Albano, alternative name for the Italian wine grape Trebbiano
  • Alabano, a synonym for the Italian wine grape Albana
  • Albano buoy system, used to mark lanes for rowing and canoeing events

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