Akuma may refer to:

  • Akuma (band), a punk band from Quebec, Canada
  • Akuma-kun, an animated TV series by Toei Animation
    • Akuma-kun: Makai no Wana, a video game based upon the above series
  • Akuma (NX Files), a character in the NX Files universe
  • Akuma (Street Fighter), a character in Street Fighter media
  • Akuma (folklore), an evil spirit from Japanese legend
  • Akuma, a character in the Karateka universe
  • Akuma, a fictional species of creatures in D.Gray-man media
  • Akuma, a fictional species of creatures in the Kindred of the East universe
  • Gran Akuma (born 1979), American professional wrestler

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... Akuma NX Files character First appearance 112 – "Full Circle" Portrayed by Peter Moscone Marc Knowles Alain Moussi Eric Gratton Information Affiliation Kurai Kai Demons ... Akuma is an evil demon spirit created by Mugen Kurai ... interact and fight in the physical world, Akuma requires a body, a host ...
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