Akeomi Nitta - Biography - As A Kickboxer

As A Kickboxer

He knocked out his opponent again in his first professional match, and the future welterweight champion of the New Japan Kickboxing Federation, Hiroshi Suzuki, in his second. He knocked out another future welterweight champion, of the All Japan Kickboxing Federation, Tatsuya Suzuki, and won 12 straight matches from April 1994 to September 1998. In October 1996, he won the New Japan Kickboxing Federation Middleweight championship title. In March 2000, he defeated Mohammed Owali, the WPKL World Super welterweight champion who no other Japanese kickboxer had been able to defeat. Two months later, he beat an Italian kickboxer and won the title of WKA World Thai Boxing Super Welterweight champion in Milan, Italy. Later, he won the All Japan Kickboxing Federation Middleweight Championship.

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