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Top Of The World Trade Center Observatories - Destruction
... See also September 11 attacks, American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, and Collapse of the World Trade Center On September 11, 2001 ... a second team of terrorists crashed the similarly hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 into the southern facade of the South Tower, striking it between the 77th and 85th floors ... The damage caused to the North Tower by Flight 11 destroyed any means of escape from above the impact zone, trapping 1,344 people ...
Spanair Flight 5022 - Similar Accidents
... deploy flaps and slats prior to take-off Northwest Airlines Flight 255, Delta Air Lines Flight 1141, and Mandala Airlines Flight 091 ... In the case of Northwest Airlines Flight 255, also an MD-82, the crew had similarly been disrupted from routine operation before the fatal takeoff, and the alarm similarly ...
Alaska Airlines Flight 1866
... Alaska Airlines Flight 1866 was the first fatal jet airliner crash of Alaska Airlines, an airline registered in the United States ... of the United States until June 24, 1975, when Eastern Airlines Flight 66 crashed ...
List Of Aircraft Hijackings - List of Notable Aircraft Hijackings - 1990s
... March 26, 1991 Singapore Airlines Flight 117 hijacked by 4 individuals claiming to be members of the Pakistan Peoples Party ... Coup and State Committee on the State of Emergency February 11, 1993 Lufthansa Flight 592 scheduled service from Frankfurt to Cairo and Addis Ababa, was. 1993 Two separate hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft to Amritsar, Punjab, India in the month of April ...
List Of Aircraft Hijackings - List of Notable Aircraft Hijackings - 2000s
2000 Ariana Afghan Airlines Boeing 727 was hijacked on an internal flight within Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and ended up at London Stansted. 2000 Philippine Airlines Flight 812 was hijacked en route from Davao City, Philippines to Manila. 2000, October 14 Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight 115, flying from Jeddah to London was hijacked en route by two men who claimed they were armed with explosives ...

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