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Royal Canadian Air Force - Current Structure - Former Units - Joint Task Force Afghanistan Air Wing
... Air Wing Kandahar, Afghanistan (stood up 6 December 2008, flew first mission 6 January 2009) ... authority responsible for the Canadian Contracted Air Transport Unit, the wing commander provided advice, co-ordination and supervision over its six leased Mi-8 medium lift helicopters ... The air wing had about 450 personnel, serving with the Theatre Support Element in the Persian Gulf region and the Tactical UAV Flight at Kandahar Airfield ...
Carrier Air Wing Eleven - History - 2000s
11 September 2001, the Vinson and CVW-11 departed for the Indian Ocean and aircraft from the air wing as among the first to launch strikes against Taliban and ... The Air Wing bid farewell to the F-14 Tomcat, as VF-213 changed air wings to Carrier Air Wing Eight ... Operation Iraqi Freedom, as only the second air wing to deploy Super Hornets ...
Samarai Advanced Seaplane Base - Units Based At Samari Advanced Seaplane Base
... Patrol Squadron Thirty Three (VP-33), Fleet Air Wing 17 (PBY Catalina) Patrol Squadron Thirty Four (VP-34), Fleet Air Wing 17 (PBY Catalina) Patrol Squadron One Hundred One (VP-101), Fleet Air Wing ...
Modern United States Navy Carrier Air Operations - Flight Deck Crew
... The flight deck crews of a Carrier Air Wing wear colored jerseys to distinguish their functions ... deck Green Catapult and arresting gear crews Air wing maintenance personnel Air wing quality control personnel Cargo-handling personnel Ground support equipment (GSE ... When a Distinguished Visitor (DV) arrives on the ship by air, a call to "Muster the Rainbow Sideboys" is made ...
Tactical Support Wing
... The Tactical Support Wing (TSW) is a United States Navy reserve Tactical air wing based at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth ... Commander, Tactical Support Wing (TSW) has become the new designation of the former Reserve Carrier Air Wing 20 (CVWR-20) ... The wing comprises six squadrons and four Squadron Augment Units (SAU) located in seven different states whose primary mission is operational and training support for ...

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