Ahmad Shah

Ahmed Shah or Ahmad Shah may refer to:

  • Several rulers of that name:
    • Ahmad Shah Durrani (r. 1747–1773), founder of the Durrani dynasty and also known as Ahmad Shah Abdali
    • Ahmad Shah Bahadur (r. 1748–1775), a Mughal emperor of northern India
    • Ahmad Shah of Gujarat (r. 1411–1442), founder of Ahmadabad city
    • Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang (r. 1974–), 5th Sultan of Pahang and one of the heads-of-state of Malaysia
    • Ahmad Shah Qajar (r. 1909–1930), last ruler of Iran's Qajar dynasty
  • Other individuals of that name:
    • Ahmad Shah (Constitutional Loya Jirga, committee five) a delegate to Afghanistan's Constitutional Loya Jirga
    • Hajji Ahmad Shah (Constitutional Loya Jirga, committee eight) a delegate to Afghanistan's Constitutional Loya Jirga
    • Ahmad Shah (Taliban) (nom de guerre Mohammad Ismail), Taliban leader in northeastern Afghanistan; the focus of Operation Red Wings
    • Ahmad Shah Khan, claimant to the abolished throne of Afghanistan
    • Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of the Afghan Northern Alliance

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Shamsuddin Ahmad Shah - History
... Ahmad Shah ruled for only 3 years ... During his reign there was an invasion by Ibrahim Shah Sharqi ... Later Ahmad Shah was killed by two powerful nobles, Sadi Khan and Nasir Khan in 1436AD ...
Pir Sabir Shah - Family
... Pir Sabir Shah hails from a religious family of Sirikot in Haripur ... His father Pir Hafiz Syed Muhammad Tayyab Shah was the son of great saint Pir Hafiz Syed Muhammad Ahmad Shah ... Pir Ahmad Shah served his spiritual guide and teacher Khwaja Abdul Rahman Choharvi a saint of Hazara from Qadiri dynasty of sufism in the vicinity of Haripur city for many years ...
Shrine Of The Cloak
... The cloak was given to Amir Ahmad Shah Durrani by Amir Murad Beg of Bukhara in 1768 in order to solidify a treaty between the two leaders ... An alternate account states that when Ahmad Shah had traveled to Bukhara, he saw the cloak of Muhammad ... Ahmad Shah then is said to have pointed to a heavy stela of stone firmly planted in the ground, saying that he would never take the cloak far from the stone ...
List Of National Founders - Asia - Afghanistan
... Ahmad Shah Durrani (1723–1773) unified the Afghan tribes and founded Afghanistan in 1747 ... Afghanistan, where he is fondly known as Ahmad Shah Baba (Ahmad Shah the Father) ...

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