Aguilar De Campoo

Aguilar de Campoo is a town in the province of Palencia, autonomous community of Castile and León, Spain. It is close to the River Pisuerga.

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... Campoo is a comarca of Cantabria (Spain) located in the High Ebro, with a surface little bigger than 1,000 km², and including the municipalities of Hermandad de Campoo de Suso, Campoo de ... Book of Merindades of Castile (from circa 1352), the Merindad of Aguilar de Campoo comprised municipalities of the south of present Cantabria, as well as of northern Province of Palencia and Burgos, with ... The "Palentine Campoo" was left, after the provincial division, with Aguilar as the most important township, and included nowadays into the large comarca of Palentine Mountains ...
Aguilar De Campoo - Industry
... In Aguilar is Galletas Gullón factory, the largest manufacturer of biscuits in Spain and one of the largest in Europe ...
Tello Alfonso, Lord Of Aguilar De Campoo
... He was a prince of Castile and First Lord of Aguilar de Campoo ... In Spanish he is known as Tello de Castilla, Infante de Castilla Señor de Aguilar de Campoo, de Vizcaya, de Castañeda y de Lara ... Juan Tellez de Castilla, Segundo Señor de Aguilar de Campoo, (1355-1385) ...