Adverse Reactions

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Cefovecin - Precautions
... Adverse reactions can include anaphylaxis that requires long term treatment due to the long clearance time of 65 days ... Adverse reactions in dogs can include lethargy, decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in feces, flatulence ... Adverse reactions in cats pfizer's own foreign market studies death, tremors/ataxia, seizures, anaphylaxis, acute pulmonary edema, facial edema, injection site reactions (alop ...
Adverse Effects Of Fluoroquinolones - Adverse Reactions and Toxicities - Musculoskeletal System
... A rare but serious adverse reaction with fluoroquinolones involves spontaneous tendon ruptures ... Fluoroquinolones also have adverse effects on cartilage ... stopping treatment, contacting a physician and resting affected limbs if these adverse events occur ...

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