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The Silver Lining (video Game) - Reception - Episode 1: What Is Decreed Must Be Reviews
... say they will be giving the future episodes a try (and welcome to have the free game) ... Isn't this an adventure game? (...) I feel slightly awful being so negative to this game's first episode, seeing as it's a volunteer project (...) It's also free, so it's ... is more intriguing as a legal precedent than an adventure game ...
Sam & Max: Freelance Police - Development
... the recently announced Full Throttle II, perfectly complements LucasArts' renowned adventure game legacy and lends further support to the company's commitment to ... The game was officially announced for Windows at the Electronic Entertainment Expo convention on May 12, 2003, where the full title Sam Max Freelance Police was revealed ... The game's trailer was also presented at E3, reintroducing the characters and confirming that the original voice actors for Sam and Max, Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson respectively, were set to reprise their roles ...
Graphic Adventure Game - History - Point-and-click Adventure
... A new kind of graphic adventure emerged following the introduction of the point-and-click interface ... cursor interface was later used in the adventure game Wingman, another title released only in Japan, for the NEC PC-8801 in 1984 ... From 1984, mouse-controlled graphic adventures began emerging following the launch of the Apple Macintosh, with its mouse-controlled point-and-click interface ...
List Of Super Famicom And Super Nintendo Games By Genre - Adventure
... Further information Action adventure games, Adventure game The action adventure and adventure genres have been combined on the page linked here ... The Adventure games for Nintendo tended to be more of the point-and-click variety, as the Nintendo did not have a good interface for text adventure games ... Action adventure games listed here include some games that have minimal RPG elements, but not enough to classify them as full RPG's, like the Zelda series ...
Card Game Video Games - Adventure - Graphic Adventures
... Graphic adventure games emerged as graphics became more common ... Adventure games began to supplement and later on replace textual descriptions with visuals (for example, a picture of the current location) ... Early graphic adventure games used text-parsers to input commands ...

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    Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves, but deal in our privacy with the last honesty and truth.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    In the court of the movie Owner, none criticized, none doubted. And none dared speak of art. In the Owner’s mind art was a synonym for bankruptcy.... The movie Owners are the only troupe in the history of entertainment that has never been seduced by the adventure of the entertainment world.
    Ben Hecht (1893–1964)