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  • Adrian (costume designer) (1903–1959), born Adrian Adolph Greenberg, costume designer for over 250 films
  • Adrian Alphona, Canadian comic book artist
  • Adrian Belew (born 1949), American guitarist, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer
  • Adrian Biddle (1952–2005), English cinematographer
  • Adrian Borland (1957–1999), English singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer
  • Adrian Boult (1889–1983), English conductor
  • Adrian Chiles (born 1967), British television and radio presenter
  • Adrian Dunbar (born 1958), Northern Ireland actor
  • Adrian Edmondson (born 1957), English actor, comedian, director, writer and musician
  • Adrian Enescu (born 1948), Romanian composer
  • Adrian Erlandsson (born 1970), Swedish heavy metal drummer
  • Adrian Grenier (born 1976), American actor, musician and director
  • Adrian Gurvitz (born 1949), English singer, musician and songwriter
  • Adrian Griffin (drummer), Australian drummer
  • Adrian Heath (painter) (1920–1992), British painter
  • Adrian Hodges, British television and film writer
  • Adrian Hoven (1922–1981), Austrian actor, producer and film director
  • Adrian Ivaniţchi (born 1947), Romanian folk musician and guitarist
  • Adrian Jones (sculptor) (1845–1938), English sculptor and painter who specialized in animals, particularly horses
  • Adrian Kowanek (born 1977), Polish musician
  • Adrian Legg (born 1948), English guitar player
  • Adrian Lester (born 1968), British actor
  • Adrian Lukis (born 1958), British actor
  • Adrian Lyne (born 1941), English filmmaker and producer
  • Adrian Mitchell (1932–2008), English poet, novelist and playwright
  • Adrian Pasdar (born 1965), American actor and film director
  • Adrian Paul (born 1959), English actor
  • Adrian Rawlins (born 1958), English actor
  • Adrian Rollini (1903–1956), American multi-instrumentalist best known for his jazz music
  • Adrian Scarborough (born 1968), English character actor
  • Adrian Sherwood (born 1958), English record producer
  • Adrian Sieber (born 1972), Swiss singer and the lead singer in the Swiss Britpop band Lovebugs
  • Adrian Smith (born 1957), English musician and one of three guitarists/songwriters in the English band Iron Maiden
  • Adrian Truss, English actor, voice actor and comedy writer
  • Adrian Utley (born 1957), English musician best known as a member of the band Portishead
  • Adrian Vandenberg (born 1954), Dutch rock guitarist
  • Adrian Willaert (c. 1490–1562), Flemish composer of the Renaissance and founder of the Venetian School
  • Adrian Young (born 1969), American drummer for the rock band No Doubt
  • Adrian Zingg (1734–1816), Swiss painter
  • Adrian Zmed (born 1954), American television personality and film actor

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