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Adh Dhaid
... Adh Dhaid is the name of a settlement in Umm al Qawain ... Umm al-Quwain Ad Duss Adh Dhaid Al Ali Al Dini Awanat Falaj Al-Mu'alla Khatm Kabir Lazimah White Bay ...
Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia
... Atypical ductal hyperplasia, abbreviated ADH, is the term used for a benign lesion of the breast that indicates an increased risk of breast cancer ... The name of the entity is descriptive of the lesion ADH is characterized by cellular proliferation (hyperplasia) within one or two breast ducts and (histomorphologic) architectural abnormalities, i.e ... In the context of a core (needle) biopsy, ADH is considered an indication for a breast lumpectomy, also known as a surgical (excisional) biopsy, to exclude the presence of breast cancer ...
Adh Dharbaniyah
... Adh Dharbaniyah is the name of a settlement in Ras al-Khaimah ... Daftah Dayah Khatt 'Uraybi Settlements Adh Dharbaniyah Al Fara' Al Fay' Al Fulayyah Al Ghabah Al Ghabam Al Ghashban Al Hamraniyah Al Hayl Al Hayr Al Hulaylah Al Jaddah Al Khari Al Khashfah Al Mahamm Al Masafirah ...