Additive may refer to:

  • Additive function, a function that preserves the addition operation
  • Additive inverse, an arithmetic concept
  • Additive set-function – see Sigma additivity
  • Additive category, a preadditive category with finite biproducts
  • Additive rhythm, a larger period of time constructed from smaller ones
  • Additive synthesis, an audio synthesis technique
  • Additive color, as opposed to subtractive color
  • Additivity, in biochemistry, the simple sum of effects due to multiple causes
  • Food additive, a substance added to food to improve flavor or appearance
  • Feed additive
  • Gasoline additive, a substance used to improve the performance of a fuel, lower emissions or clean the engine
  • Oil additive, a substance used to improve the performance of a lubricant
  • Weakly additive, the quality of preferences in some logistics problems
  • Additive Records, a record label
  • Paint additive, a chemical added in to paint in very small quantities for a specific property improvement
  • Polymer additive
    • Biodegradable additives

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