Action Shooting

Action shooting is a term that encompasses target shooting events where the shooter's score is based on both the accuracy and elapsed time. Disciplines covered by the term include:

  • United States Practical Shooting Association
  • International Practical Shooting Confederation
  • International Defensive Pistol Association
  • Cowboy action shooting
  • ActionAirgun
  • Pin shooting
  • NRA Action Pistol, also known as The Bianchi Cup

Scoring mechanisms differ. In some, reactive targets are used (targets that fall when hit) and the goal is to knock over all the targets with the minimum elapsed time. In others, paper targets are used, and the score is based on a mathematical formula. One commonly used formula, called Comstock Scoring by the IPSC is (total points scored) / (elapsed time). With the given formula, the goal would be to maximize the points per second scored. Penalties may also be assessed for procedural errors, such as:

  • not engaging all targets
  • engaging targets in the wrong order
  • firing more than the allowed number of shots

Action shooting using reactive targets requires shooters use ammunition with enough momentum to knock over the targets reliably; the tradeoff is that the higher momentum ammunition also results in higher recoil, which makes rapid and accurate shooting difficult. In disciplines that use paper targets, there is often a minimum required power, and use of rounds with less power may be penalized or forbidden.

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