Action Airgun

Action Airgun

ActionAirgun is a trademarked name of ActionAirgun LLC Founder of internet administered action shooting sports. This sport is equally suited for experienced shooters or groups of beginning shooters who want to learn about firearm safety and engage in shooting sports competition. Competitors use standardized shooting kits to shoot special courses of fire specified by the league and keep track of their scores online. The online database is search able allowing competitors to view parameter based competition results.

This targets-only shooting sport is modeled after several competitive shooting sports such as IDPA, IPSC and Cowboy Action Shooting. The equipment used for ActionAirgun has been around for years under the generic name of 'airsoft'. Airsoft guns are faithful reproductions of actual firearms made of metal and plastic which shoot 6 mm plastic BBs instead of gunpowder propelled lead projectiles. As an alternative to expensive “race guns” and the rising cost of ammunition. ActionAirgun fills a niche as a low cost entry-level action shooting sport.

Individuals compete solo or are a member of a fireteam. Fireteams have up to five members. An individual can compete on both levels during each season. The portable shooting range is 8’ by 16’. Spare rooms, garages, meeting rooms, basements, and gymnasiums have been used to set up a range. Courses of fire are a set of shooting instructions downloaded from the internet and used during the season to set up targets. Competition is between individuals or fireteam against fireteam. The rules of competition prohibit the modification of equipment. Everyone uses a standardized shooting kit. This sport places emphasis on the shooters skill.

Each year there are six seasons and each season is divided into six one-week stages. At the beginning of each stage competitors download courses of fire from the website. Each shooter has all week to practice and then enter their official shooting times before the next stage begins. Final results of the stage are kept secret until the beginning of the next stage. A database allows shooters from all over the world to compare their scores with other participants. During the sixth season the top competitors in the league are invited to a world championship.

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