Actinidiaceae - Evidence Supporting Monophyly of The Actinidiaceae

Evidence Supporting Monophyly of The Actinidiaceae

What genera were to be placed in the Actinidiaceae before recent genetic and micromophological studies emerged was highly controversial. Before recent evidence, the genus Sladenia was often placed within the Actinidiaceae. Also, Saurauia was sometimes considered its own family. Thus, before 10 years ago when more detailed studies started, it was considered that there could be anywhere from 2-4 genera within the Actinidiaceae. Micromorphological characters have confirmed that Sladenia does not belong in the Actinidiaceae. Furthermore, biological characteristics of the cells, and molecular evidence, have confirmed that the 3 genera currently circumscribed in the Actinidiaceae, the Clematoclethra, Saurauia, and Actinidia do indeed form a monophyletic group.

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