ACTA may refer to:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, an intellectual property trade agreement
  • Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments, a standards organization for terminal equipment such as registered jacks
  • Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, in southern California
  • American Council of Trustees and Alumni, an education organization
  • Atlantic County Transportation Authority, a transportation agency in Atlantic County, New Jersey
  • Australian Community Television Alliance, an industry association representing community television licensees in Australia

Acta may refer to:

  • Acta (software), early outliner software
  • Actin assembly-inducing protein (ActA Protein), a protein used by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes to propel itself through a host cell
  • A term used in the title of historical, ecclesiastic, or academic publications, such as:
    • Acta Arithmetica, a number theory publication
    • Acta Crystallographica, a family of scientific journals about crystallography
    • Acta Diurna, daily Roman official notices
    • Acta Sanctorum, hagiographical accounts of saints
    • Acta Senatus, minutes of the discussions and decisions of the Roman Senate
    • Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, a series of scientific journals edited by the Sapientia University
  • Manny Acta, manager of the Cleveland Indians in Major League Baseball

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