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Der Ring Des Nibelungen: Composition Of The Music - Götterdämmerung
... preliminary draft of Götterdämmerung on 2 October 1869, while he was still at work on the third act of Siegfried ... final opera in the cycle, so the three acts passed through just three stages preliminary draft (Gesamtentwurf), orchestral draft (Orchesterskizze), and full score (Partiturerstschrift) ... his modus operandi once again while at work on the last two acts of Die Meistersinger now it was his practice to finish both complete drafts of each act in turn before ...
A Fair Quarrel - Authorship
... Middleton — Act I, scene i (first 90 lines) Act II, scene i Act III, scenes i and iii Act IV, scenes ii and iii Act V, scene i (last 52 lines) Rowley ... the scholarly consensus, with some occasional and minor dissent Edward Engelberg assigned part of Act III, scene ii to Middleton instead of Rowley ...
Act III Broadcasting - History
... This ownership formed a separate company called Act III Broadcasting in 1982, when WVAH-TV, channel 23 in Charleston, West Virginia signed on as the first independent station in the state ... Act III then signed on channel 45 in Dayton, Ohio in the fall of 1984 as WRGT-TV ... Act III bought most of these shows for WRGT ...
Special Marriage Act, 1954
... The Special Marriage Act, 1954 is an Indian legislation enacted by the Parliament of India to provide a special form of marriage for the people of India and ... The Act originated from a piece of legislation proposed during the late 19th century ... In 1872 Act III, 1872 was enacted but later it was found inadequate for certain desired reforms, and Parliament enacted a new legislation ...

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    Knavery seems to be so much a the striking feature of its inhabitants that it may not in the end be an evil that they will become aliens to this kingdom.
    —George III (1738–1820)

    The experience of a sense of guilt for wrong-doing is necessary for the development of self-control. The guilt feelings will later serve as a warning signal which the child can produce himself when an impulse to repeat the naughty act comes over him. When the child can produce his on warning signals, independent of the actual presence of the adult, he is on the way to developing a conscience.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)