Acoustic may refer to:

In science:

  • Acoustics, a branch of physics that studies sound
    • Musical acoustics, the branch of acoustics that studies the physics of music
    • Acoustic metamaterials, engineered materials with atypical properties
  • External acoustic meatus, another name for the ear canal
  • Acoustic recording, a pre-microphone method of recording used, for instance, on the Graphophone

In music:

  • Acoustic music, music that solely or primarily uses acoustic instruments
    • Acoustic guitar, as opposed to electric guitar
    • Acoustic bass guitar, as opposed to electric bass guitar
  • Acoustic Disc, a record label
  • Piano acoustics
  • Acoustic fingerprint
  • Acoustic (Everything but the Girl album), 1992
  • Acoustic (Deine Lakaien album), 1995
  • Acoustic (Brandi Carlile album), 2004
  • Acoustic (John Lennon album), 2004
  • Acoustic (Love Amongst Ruin album), 2011
  • Acústico (Weberty Moreira album), 2010
  • Acoustic EP (disambiguation), various albums


  • Acoustic location, a pre-radar and pre-sonar method of detecting hostile vehicles and vessels
  • Acoustic torpedo
  • Acoustic signature


  • Acoustic Control Corporation, a company which produced instrument amplifiers using Acoustic as a brand name
  • Acoustic thermometry, observation of the oceans' climates using long-range acoustic instruments
  • Acoustic cryptanalysis, in cryptography, a side channel attack which exploits sounds
  • Acoustic (magazine)
  • Acoustic (film)
  • Direct Field Acoustic Testing

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