Access Method

An access method is a function of a mainframe operating system that enables access to data on disk, tape or other external devices. They were introduced in 1963 in IBM OS/360 operating system. Access methods provide an API for programmers to transfer data to or from device, and could be compared to device drivers in non-mainframe operating systems.

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History Of IBM Mainframe Operating Systems - System/360 Operating Systems - OS/360 - MVT
... with terminals by using TCAM (Telecommunications Access Method), which eventually replaced the earlier Queued Telecommunications Access Method (QTAM) ... TCAM's name suggests that IBM hoped it would become the standard access method for data communications, but in fact TCAM was used almost entirely for ...
Basic Direct Access Method
... Basic Direct Access Method, or BDAM is an access method for IBM's OS/360 and successors computer operating systems on System/360 and later mainframes ... of routines used in retrieving data from, and storing data onto, direct access devices." BDAM is available on OS/360, OS/VS2, MVS, z/OS, and related high-end operating systems ...
Access Method - Modern Implementations
... operating system, two elements provide access methods Data Facility Product Communications Server ...
OS/360 And Successors - OS/360 Variants - MVT
... In 1971 the Time Sharing Option (TSO) for use with MVT was added as part of release 20.1 ... TSO became widely used for program development because it provided an editor, the ability to submit batch jobs, be notified of their completion, and view the results without waiting for printed reports, and debuggers for some of the programming languages used on System/360 ...
Telecommunications Access Method
... Telecommunications Access Method (TCAM) is an access method, in IBM's OS/360 and successors computer operating systems on IBM System/360 and later, that provides access to terminals units within a teleprocessing ...

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