Some articles on academies:

Allied Academies - History
... In 1994, Jim and JoAnn Carland formed a not for profit corporation called the International Academy for Case Studies, which launched the Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies ... In 1995 they formed another not for profit corporation called the Academy of Entrepreneurship, which launched the Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal and the Entrepreneurial Executive ...
Southfield-Lathrup High School - Curriculum - Academy Learning
... Southfield-Lathrup Senior High School is home to two of four Academies serving the Southfield Public Schools district, specifically the Medical and Natural Sciences Academy and the Arts and ... Both academies have separate entry requirements from the mainstream curriculum ... The other two academies are the Engineering Manufacturing Sciences Academy and the Global Business Information Technology Academy, are located at Southfield High School ...
Sri Lankan Military Academies
... The Sri Lankan military academies are military academies for the training and tertiary education of commissioned officers for the Sri Lankan armed forces ...

Famous quotes containing the word academies:

    Furnished as all Europe now is with Academies of Science, with nice instruments and the spirit of experiment, the progress of human knowledge will be rapid and discoveries made of which we have at present no conception. I begin to be almost sorry I was born so soon, since I cannot have the happiness of knowing what will be known a hundred years hence.
    Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790)