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Omonoia is and always has been the most popular team in Cyprus. Regarded as the 'people's team', Omonia is known for the left-leaning, socialist character of its supporters. Omonia is also traditionally regarded as the club of Cyprus's working-class. Most of Omonia's supporters have adopted an outspoken stance against both racism and fascism alike. Many of Omonia's supporters can be seen waving banners bearing Che Guevara's image and unlike many of Cyprus's right-wing teams, proudly wave the flag of Cyprus during matches. The extreme, more hardcore fans can be seen in Gate-9 and are commonly referred to as "Kifines" (or male bees). Thousands of them occupy the North stand at the GSP stadium during home games. Omonia's fans are well known for their loyalty towards their club. Their presence is seen on the fields in Cyprus during Cypriot League matches and throughout Europe. In 2003, Omonia's fans broke their previous record for attendance in home matches with the improved figure of 140,740. The record was broken again the following year with 143,033 tickets sold in 13 home matches. The record now stands at 162,061 tickets sold during the 2009–2010 season.

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