AC Omonia - Management


  • President: Vacant
  • Vice-President : Stelios Milonas
  • Vice-President: Nikos Charalambous
  • General Secretary: Andreas Leonidou
  • B General Secretary: Christos Tsangaris
  • Pavlos Chrysanthou: Μember
  • Petros Petrou: Μember
  • Photos Ioannou: Μember
  • Dafnis Aristodemou: Μember
  • Constantinos Christou: Μember
  • Filipos Demetriou: Μember
  • Costas Vasiliou: Μember
  • Christoforos Christofi: Μember
  • Antonis Zimaras: Μember
  • Giorgos Afxendiou: Μember

Administrative Staff

  • Pavlos Nicolaides – Chief Executive Manager
  • Michael Kavalieris – Team Manager
  • Andreas Demetriou – Press / Communication Officer
  • Andreas Elia – Marketing Officer
  • Christos Hadjisoteriou – Administrative / Marketing Officer
  • Οdysseas Odysseos – Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball Officer
  • Andreas Miliotis – Academy Director
  • Charalambos Argyrou, Kostakis Yiannouris – Academy Officers
  • George Tziambouris – Facilities Manager
  • Stathis Vasiliou- Commercial Division Officer
  • Yiota Rotou – Accountant
  • Myria Strouthou – Secretary

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    People have described me as a “management bishop” but I say to my critics, “Jesus was a management expert too.”
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